We're the co-venture partners for modern businesses

Reliable Bits provides early funding, product-based investments, and picks up the costs for all things tech so that founders can focus on building sustainable, profitable businesses.

Meet Reliable Bits first investment launching in late 2019


Spruce is on a mission to help organize your home space through thoughtfully-designed organizational products.

Without Reliable Bits there simply would be no Spruce... they handle my tech so that I can focus on growth

Jordan - Founder

Without Reliable Bits there simply would be no Spruce... they handle my tech so that I can focus on growth

Jordan - Founder

We know you’ll have questions

Let us know briefly about your business or idea and how we can work together. We'll get in touch within a day.

Fill out the form and let us know all about your idea. We will then review your application and will reach out to schedule a call.

First, your idea must be a software business. Secondly, your business model must generate revenue through means other than advertising; we love marketplaces and SaaS business models.

We’ll be your co-founder and will take equity in the business.

This is perfect for people who’ve always had an idea and wanted to build it risk free or those looking for a tech founder to help bring their idea to life.

Well we love building software and helping entrepreneurs. We are trying to level the playing field and we hope this allows more entrepreneurs to launch the business they’ve always dreamed of. You risk nothing, if the idea flops you owe nothing and can go on with your life, but if it’s successful then you get the upside.

Chat with us or shoot us an email at hello@reliablebits.io

That depends on you, the founder. You have options. These are the typical costs that will need funding: your product development, UI/UX, graphic designs, support, maintenance, engineers, dev ops etc.

Now either you and us could fund all this together, and since in that case we'll be putting in less funds, our equity piece will also be significantly smaller.

Alternatively we could put up all of the funds in which case our equity may also be slightly higher. We ask for equity so that when you hit it big and either sell the company or take it public we can see some return on that investment and be able to help other founders like yourself. After all, it pays to pay it forward.

A venture fund typically thinks of engaging after you already have a product and promising traction. They will then give you a check to go scale your business 10x by x date, often times leaving you to figure out how to build your product, grow your product, and run your product to that stage.

We come in much sooner, as early as you just having an idea and the research behind it.

We also build the business with you, like a co-venture, a partnership, a CEO and a CTO type partnership. You build the parts you know about, we build the rest of it. We scale it together. Then when you hit scale, you can either stay or graduate on to having your own in-house team. All cool.

More importantly, we want us to be the last money you'll ever need. After us you should literally use revenues (aka money from your customers) to grow the business! Whereas the goal for venture investments is to have you spend it all, need to raise money again, and give up more of your equity when you do so.


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