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There are many features almost every app needs and builds.

We've built these out in a modular way so we can quickly drop them into your app while making sure it doesn't cost an insane amount (since we aren't redoing everything every time!)

So select the features you are thinking to have in your idea so you can see exactly how much it will cost.

Tell us about your idea?

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What category would your product fall under?

We ask this to get an idea behind your core business model.


These are companies that sell things online like traditional retails like Best Buy to direct to consumer brands like Warby Parker, Glossier, and Away


These are companies like eBay, Uber, Upwork, and Etsy. They build software to connect buyers and sellers and take transaction fees.


Software as a Service, these are companies like Slack, Intercom, Shopify, and Mailchimp. They sell their software for others to use.


These are companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Pinterest. They are about connecting people and sharing content.


These are Techcrunch, EatingNYC, Players Tribune. They are about a place for others to read your content.

Select all the core features you’d like:

Core Features

Sign Up & Creating Profile

This will allow your users to create sign up to your product and create an account


Making sure your product looks good on all devices: mobile, tablet, desktop


Allowing your user to upload, view, edit, delete videos


Allowing your users to upload, view, edit, delete images

Video Editing Tools

This allows your users to edit their videos with special effects or filters

Images Editing Tools

This allows your users to edit their images with special effects or filters

Filtering Items

This will allow users to filter items on your product


This will allow your users to search on your product


This will allow your user to edit various items such as privacy, editing profile, turning things on and off, etc.


This will allow your users to chat in real-time


This will allow users to schedule through your product


This will allow users to view, add, accept, reject, block, and remove friends


This will allow users to view, add, block, and remove followers


This will allow users to explore a stream of information specific for your product

Audio Message

This will allow your users to upload and listen to audio messages


This will allow your users to leave comments on something in your product


This will allow your users to invite to others to your product


This allows your customers to pay for something on your product

Subscription Billing

This allows you to charge your customers on a recurrence

Split Payments

This allows your to collect a payment and split that payment with someone else. Think charging you $20 and then they keep $5 and give their drivers $15. We can make this happen automatically.


This will allow your users to view something on a map or show something a specific place

Coupon Codes

This allows you to provide discounts on your product through coupon code. Think “CYBERMONDAY” giving the user 15% with that

Upload Files

This allows users to upload other types of file: Excel, CSV, XML, or anything else your mind can imagine

Basic marketing site

This explains what your service is so users can either download your app or purchase/sign up for your service. Think https://www.snapchat.com/


This allows your users to rate what you define in your product. Think rating your Uber driver via a 1-5 text

Admin Dashboard

Viewing all Users

This allows you to search and view all your registered users


This allows you the ability to act as if you are the user or do things on their behalf. This is great from customer support

Responsive Dashboard

This makes sure your dashboard looks good on mobile, tablet, and desktop. By default we make it look good on desktop

Alerts & Notifications

Push notifications

This allows your to send messages to your users - this is only if you are building a iOS or Android app. These are to bring users in the app.

In- App notifications

In-App notifications are used to drive the user to perform that action when he is inside the App

Email notifications

This allows you to send your users emails based on an action. Think when a user signs up you send them a welcome email


This will allow your users to receive some type of SMS message